Weird Winthrop

   Weird Winthrop, Strange Tales of a Haunted Hamlet first appeared 
in The Winthrop Sun-Transcript on November 2, 2000. Since then, the 
column has appeared on a fairly regular basis each month featuring a 
new story of strange phenomenon unique to Winthrop, Massachusetts.

   Weird Winthrop stories features a strange blend of bizarre 
incidents grounded in historical perspective. Readers may choose to
disregard the recounts as fiction...but do so at their own risk.

   If the concept sounds familar it may be that you are one of
the few who read its predecessor, which appeared in the now-defunct
Route 1 Magazine, it was called, as you might have expected...
Weird 1, Strange Tales of a Haunted Highway.

   Both columns are the result of relentless research, intrepid
interviews and persistent pursuit of the truth (not to mention
alliterative assault of the reader) by one reporter hell-bent on 
exposing stories that no one else cares enough to cover. Or maybe
they're just too busy to be bothered.